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Organic reach can only get you so far and with all of your competitors clamouring to get attention, you need paid advertising to reach more of your target audience, generate more traffic to your website, and increase brand awareness.

Please call New Logic Marketing today to see how we can assist with your Lead Generation and developing your business and client base.

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Nowadays, good content is not enough. if you do not have an awesome Social Media presence it can be extremely difficult to scale and grow your business.

The downside of having a great Social Media presence is the time involved to maintain this and stay ahead of your competitors. 
This is where we come in.


By partnering with New Logic Marketing, our in-house content creation team remove this burden allowing you to focus on running the business whilst ensuring maximum efficiency and engagement with every single post.
Please call New Logic today to introduce yourself and see how we can assist.


Instagram and Facebook have over 3.4 billion users combined. Not to mention users of other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you target these users!



Our concern for making sure everything is taken care of is why we are such a reputable Social Media Agency. We make sure no detail is overlooked, from content creation to Branding, always with the goal of keeping the client at the forefront.

Please call New Logic today to discuss your specific branding requirements.


Customers are three times more likely to watch a video than read a paragraph of text. This is why more and more businesses are choosing video as an effective way to advertise their products and services.


Whether it is full-length adverts or short clips for social media we’ve got you covered. No matter how big or complex, we will produce a video to suit you.


From story boards and shot lists through to voice overs and graphics, New Logic Marketing are your one stop shop for videography.

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